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There is no reason to stay insecure, lonely, and feeling stuck!

None at all!

Listen young adults, you are in a huge growth period with a lot of future ahead.

That can lead to feeling very insecure, lonely, and sometimes spinning in old habits. All of this can make you pretty miserable and feeling left out, with comparison and perfectionism nipping on your heels. Often, to top it off, you may be trapped in habits that are weighing you down.

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Feelings of low self-esteem and disconnection can often exacerbate feeling stuck in patterns of habits we don’t want in our lives.

But I guarantee there is a way out. There is HOPE!

I have tools that will give confidence, help you connect with others, and bring the change you’ve always wanted! It really is possible. And it can begin as simply as signing up for a call with me.

In the call we will discuss your big “magic wand” goal.

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you want to be different? Through coaching, not only can we get the goal, you will then have the tools to use for any other area of your life. 

And you’ll have these forever.

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This first mini-session I will teach you a basic tool that will begin to help immediately

I have young adults like you that sigh a breath of relief just by taking this first step!

You may think you don’t have time, or it won’t be fun, or maybe that it is too expensive.

But think of these outcomes:

Transformative Growth

the chance to become who you know you can be, unshakeable confidence, learning to manage anxiety, fear, and overwhelm, and breaking self-limiting beliefs. There is nothing better!

Long-Term Investment

Think of this as a long-term investment. The benefits gained from confidence, strong relationships, and making memories without being weighed down all the time - this is priceless!

Tailored Support

A coach provides personalized attention - this is my favorite thing! Athletes and musicians get private coaches; in my opinion, the challenges of today require private coaching too.

Lifelong Skills

The skills gained from coaching are not just temporary fixes; they become lifelong tools that literally make your life better and better as you go. This is a game-changer forever.

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I love taking care of myself now

I came to Sherri because I had a lot of anxiety and didn’t feel my self-worth. The tools she taught me helped me socially, but they also really helped me with my grades. I love taking care of myself now, I recognize my worth, and feel more confident. It has also helped my relationship with my parents to grow so much!


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I accept myself the way I am right now

When I came to Sherri I was struggling with seeing my self worth. Coaching helped me to find validation in myself rather than others. Now I love who I am for the first time since I was a kid. I accept myself the way I am right now. I can navigate my relationships with others from a healthier lense and have quit hiding from my emotions. I love my journey.


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Working with Sherri has been life changing.

The biggest changes have been seeing the value in myself. My confidence has grown so much!  I have been able to make so many changes that have made me more peaceful. My relationships in my life have changed for the better with the things I learned.

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Remember, the cost of coaching is an investment in yourself, your growth, and your future success.

The returns you’ll gain from heightened confidence and self-assurance are priceless compared to the initial cost!

And honestly, nothing leaves you feeling better – you get set free!