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For years, I brought all sorts of misery to myself

I thought things like, “I’ll never change, be good enough, fit in, feel confident, or find that ease with myself that I notice in people I admire.” I was constantly attempting to “fix” myself because I was sure at some point I would arrive at being good enough.

As a coach for the last 3 years, I have found that I had it all wrong. Change doesn’t have to be painful or time consuming. It is way better than that.

And this change is available to you - right now

The program I have put together – the modules, the coaching, all of it – is what I wish I’d known and had access to when I was a young adult. You can learn how to handle comparison, perfectionism, withdrawing, worrying about your future and what others think of you, isolating, rude self-talk, body shaming, difficult relationships , and how to get out of STUCK mode.

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Being a young adult can be the most powerful time of your life

As a young adult there can be a lot of pressure to perform and make weighty decisions. When I first learned these tools, I wanted them in the hands of young adults to help you move forward with relationships, decisions, and establishing life-long healthy habits. This program is so helpful in bringing immediate change in confidence, relationships, and getting out of ruts in your life.

How it works​

I meet with clients weekly for 3 months – With this, you also have immediate access to my website and program – which includes video modules and life-changing worksheets.

Schedule a call for a simple mini-session of coaching. You’ll see what I discovered – coaching is better than any form of chocolate or even the best yoga class. The call is a win either way you choose. You get a free coaching session and I get to meet you!

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