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Young adults! Feel more confident, connected, and able to overcome any challenge. Guaranteed.

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Living as a young adult can be overwhelming

Do these sound familiar?

Perhaps you’ve tried counseling to address some of these things but you know you are ready for something more. This is for you!

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Coaching has been what has helped the most.

We have used therapy and counseling by professionals in the past, but life coaching has been what has helped my daughter the most. Sherri listens with compassion. She’s included us, recognizing that we can all learn and benefit from the skills she is teaching our daughter.

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This has really boosted my confidence!

I was unaware of how much my thoughts were holding me back.  Sherri guided me in skills that have really boosted my confidence! Even months later, I still haven’t forgotten the things we discussed and learned, and I keep using them. I have so much more peace of mind. 

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Working with Sherri has been life changing.

The biggest changes have been seeing the value in myself. My confidence has grown so much!  I have been able to make so many changes that have made me more peaceful. My relationships in my life have changed for the better with the things I learned.

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Hi, I’m Sherri Gurr

As the mom to five college-aged children and wife to a man who works full-time as a mentor to young adults, I’ve seen firsthand the paralyzing effects that doubt and fear can have in their lives.

The good news is, there are tools that can help! As a life and faith-based coach for young adults, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of coaching to help them find both relief and power in their lives! They become more confident, connected, and resilient to overcome any challenge they face.

Here’s how you can do it, too

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Every young adult needs these tools

I believe it’s essential before college, a mission, starting a career, and especially marriage. It’s the foundation for becoming the strong, confident women we’re destined to be, providing the mental and emotional tools necessary for growth.

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